During the past three years, Technores developed advanced technical solutions in all the different realization stages of Diatheva Ltd. laboratories for pharmaceutical research and manufacturing; from the preliminary design to the subsequent invitation to tender, realization and testing stages, and submission for AIFA prior opinion and authorization. Diatheva Ltd. (Sol Group) is located in Cartoceto (PU), Italy.

Diatheva offers customized services for the development and the production of biopharmaceuticals from microbial systems and had therefore to comply with GMP requirements and with the regulatory standards set by the authorities in charge such as AIFA, FDA etc.

Technores was involved since the first concept of the new laboratories and manufacturing GMP areas and followed all the realization process supporting Diatheva Ltd. In all the different steps needed, from risk analysis to commissioning.

At present, Diatheva Ltd., located in Cartoceto, is functioning and has been authorized by AIFA. Finally, Technores staff has carried out an aerial survey using a drone.

More details can be found here: TRG005-news diatheva-R8-01


On 19/07/2018 Technores research team started the R&D project “Advanced design system from yarn to garment (DIGIYARN)” together with four different partners: Ecafil Best S.p.A. Industria Filati (coordinator), GM Industry S.r.l., SMI Tessuti S.p.A. and Industrial Engineering dept. Of the University o Florence (DIEF). The project was co-financed by Tuscan Region with POR FESR 2014 – 2020- CALL N. 2: R&D project of SME, D.D. n. 7165 dated 24/05/2017. POSTER_DIGIYARN – TECHNORES

The main task of the project is the development of a new process of creating knitwear with desired characteristics using an IT-Integrated platform specifically created for the application, capable of defining the knitwear garment from the yarn and trough all the finishing processes to the final product both on a design point of view and on a production control approach.

The IT-integrated platform will include a specifically developed CAD software which will create 2D and 3D models of knitwear parts based on dyed yarns, directly controlling the dying process systems in order to produce yarns with exactly the needed colour patterns.

The CAD software is already in beta testing version and is already capable of creating drawings on garment and define the yarn subsequent color pattern controlling  the dying systems in order to produce exactly the desired pattern.

Technores CAD Filati v.2

The project will end in 2020.





In 2017-2018 Technores s.r.l. studied, designed, followed the construction and experimented a new prototype of a mobile station for sampling and treating algae in order to use them in chemical processes employed to extract proteins and active substances.

This activities were undertaken within The NANOBIOALGAE Projcet, cofinanced by Regione Toscana within the Regional Operational Programme FESR 2014-2020-research and development projects for SME (Call n°2), (D.D. Regione Toscana 3389  30/07/2014), aimed at developing micro/nanostructured systems based on natural polymers extracted from algal biomass in order to use them as functional active substances for the development of new high-value-added products  in the cosmetic, textile and food industry. 

Within the NANOBIOALGAE project, Technores s.r.l. has carried out consulting activities for all industrial partners involved and it has contributed to the development of the innovative processes in different industrial fields. In particular, as regards Enrico Giotti s.p.a. and Campanella Costruzioni Meccaniche S.r.l., Technores s.r.l. has designed and taken care of the realization, testing and successive experimentation of the innovative prototype of a mobile system for the treatment of algae able to provide the algal biomass necessary for this project described in the following paper:TRG005-NANOBIOALGAE SHORT.